Reflective Essay

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The aim of this essay is to demonstrate critical reflection, which is a critical aspect of the nurse practitioner role.
Reflect on their performance as an advance practitioner using Australian Nursing Federation domains.
Task description
1. You are to reflect on and critically analyse your performance as an advanced practitioner using the domain. For this essay the domain is Adapting Practice. In performing this activity task you should develop a deep understanding of the concept of advanced practice. (Benner 1984).
2. Introduce your advance practitioner role and the domain you are analysing your performance against. (The advance practitioner is working in critical care unit).
3. Use literature to explore the domain and how your role is supported or challenged.
4. Describe the reflective framework and your process of reflection regarding your role.
5. Reflect on your role and use literature to demonstrate how this role meets the domain.
6. Present key points to demonstrate understanding of the literature.
7. You must read the competency standards for the advanced registered nurse from the Australian nursing federation to be able to write this essay and provide examples from practice.
This domain contains competencies reflecting the ability of the advance practitioner registered nurse to draw on a wide repertoire of knowledge and processes to tailor nursing practice in complex and challenging clinical situations.
. Has opening sentence to contextualise aim of the essay
. Clearly identifies the aim of the essay.
. Advance practitioner role and domain presented;
. Exploration of supporting literature around role;
. Reflective framework and process presented
.Reflection on current role and domain explored
. Logical comparison of key points throughout the essay.
. Summarises the key points outlined in the essay
Use recent and appropriate evidence reviewed in the last 5-10years
Use APA style 6 edition.