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Dear writer, this is refection not essay (2 reflections), please see the attached file which is the structure for the 2 reflections.
No references are required. Also use the word I when write both of the reflections.



Complete two reflections each one about 500 words,these reflections will be based on activities from this unit. You will need to write these reflections using Gibb’s Model of Reflective Practice as shown down.


The First Reflection question:(500 wards).


What kind of health professional do you hope to become? Reflect on the skills, personal qualities and values that you believe are most important?

Note: My major is medical imaging(Radiographer)

The 2ed Reflection question (500wards).





My group feedback:


  • Do not be afraid to speak up and put your ideas forward. Do not be afraid to question others peoples idea and information.


Note: I have asked my teacher that if I have just a little feedback from my peers how can reflect that in 500 words, she said that you can add some points in order to actively develop the group work skills you need to become an effective health professional.



  • Description

Describe what had led you to enrol in your current course of study at University.

You can also include information about key events, people or information that has led to your current enrolment status.


  • Feelings/ reactions

What were your feelings throughout the process of making the decision to pursue your current course of study at University? This can be both at the time of finalising your decision to apply (eg. when you submitted your application or TISC preferences) and afterwards (any further feelings or reactions you have had).


  • Evaluation

What aspects of making the decision to pursue your current course of enrolment were positive or challenging? What factors (internal or external) made the career decision-making process positive or challenging?


  • Analysis

How have your personal beliefs and values influenced your decision to pursue your current course of enrolment?


  • Personal conclusion

Having reflected on the career decision-making process that led you to choose a degree within the Faculty of Health Sciences at University:

  • What aspect/s of the decision-making process could you improve upon, and how can you do this in the future?
  • In hindsight, what aspects of the decision-making process would you have done differently (even if the process went smoothly for you and you were accepted into your preferred course option)?
  • How has this career decision making experience your approach to future career decisions you may need to make in the future (eg. Preferred specialisation within your discipline, undertaking further study, whether to study part time or full time etc..)


  • Personal action plan

As their will be numerous career decisions that you will need to make throughout your life:

  • What do you need to do, learn, or research, to improve your ability to make informed career decisions?
  • What steps are you going to take to achieve that?