Recommendation report:For new surveillance system in the Deca commissary for watching illegal activity

Recommendation report:For new surveillance system in the Deca commissary for watching illegal activity


Write a Recommendation report:For new surveillance system in the Deca commissary for watching illegal activity
evaluating 3 different surveillance systems

Research and evaluate 3-5 possible solutions to the problem in terms of clearly defined and explained criteria. Choose one solution to recommend on the basis of that evaluation

Include a clear purpose statement in the introduction, as well as an advanced organizer.
* Include a short paragraph explaining the problem in the introduction.
* Forecast the solution to the problem in the introduction unless your recommendations will require some persuasion first. *Create an appropriate and clear organization.
* Include enough detail to convince your readers of your credibility and your recommendation.
* Interpret the results of your evaluation in terms of clearly laid out and defined criteria.

***This interpretation, or evaluation, is the heart of the document.

  • Include a graphical summary of the evaluation in the recommendation section. This graphical summary is typically a table.
  • Use principles of effective document design.
  • Document sources using correct APA style.

This problem should have at least two possible solutions–solutions that you do not determine ahead of time, but that must be decided upon after research and evaluation. You’ll conduct that research, and then, based on that research, you’ll evaluate the options in terms of a set of criteria you come up with. You’ll present your research and your evaluation in terms of the criteria, and then you’ll recommend a solution.
Essential Note: The heart of the document is the evaluation of the options in terms of the criteria. The point of this kind of report is to make your decision-making process visible. So, this is not a proposal. When you write a proposal, you just present one solution or course of action. In this kind of report, you persuade by showing your thinking—you bring your readers along for the ride as you evaluate each possible solution in terms of relevant criteria. Ideally, they will be persuaded your choice is the right one just as you were as you went through the process.

When things go wrong in this kind of report, it is usually because the writer presented the data, but then did not present the actual evaluation–in other words, the writer did not explain how he/she thought about the options in terms of each criterion. This is crucial. You won’t pass the report project unless you explain how you think about each option in terms of the criteria as you go. This is a step beyond merely presenting the data. Anyone can gather data. It is your expertise in evaluating it that employers/readers will require.

Making your decision-making process visible is a persuasive move. You want to show your readers why you are recommending what you are, and you want them to accept your recommendation.

I can’t emphasize this enough–the evaluation is the most important part of the report, and typically, when something goes wrong in this document, it is when the evaluation is sketchy.