Reading relection- chimamanda ngozi adichie- birdsong

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Favorite Quote or Selected Passage: (3-5 sentences) This passage caught my attention because… (Go beyond stating that you like it. That point is evident by the fact that you’ve chosen this particular passage. Explain why you like it or what you found most interesting. Remember to include page numbers.)

Most Difficult Passage: (3-5 sentences) The most challenging point in this essay … (This should not be about whether or not you agree with the point the author is making. Instead, it should be about whether or not you think there are points in the author’s essay that are not clear or confusing. Remember to include page numbers.)

Critical Reflection: (1 paragraph) I believe the author is trying to say …, but … (This should not simply be a summary of the article or essay. This is where you get to provide your assessment of the essay – think of how it affects you personally.) 

Reading Reflections: A brief (1-2 pages) reflection.No citation is necessary unless you quote or otherwise reference from the assigned text or an outside source.