Reading assignment: Price, An American Apotheosis: Sports as Popular Religion (pp. 195-209).

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T 10/27 Sports as religion?

Reading assignment: Price,  An American Apotheosis: Sports as Popular Religion  (pp. 195-209).


ANALYSIS: Respond to both of the following questions. Your answers can be either typed or hand-written; but bring them to class on Tuesday, in hard copy, to submit for credit. Those of you who are assigned to write a Graded Reading Analysis for today (Set L) will respond to these same two questions, but more carefully written and fleshed out in greater detail.


  1. After reading Price’s essay, compile a list of 4 or 5 different rationales (major lines of argument) that Price gives for why he believes sports function for many Americans today as a form of religion. Write at least a couple of sentences about each rationale that you list.


  1. Identify at least 1 reason Price cites in his essay for arguing that sports isn’t a kind of religion. Again, write at least a couple of sentences to explain the reasoning.


Note: As your respond to these questions, it’s fine if you want to quote Price’s language–but you must also try to paraphrase or explain what he means in your own words or with your own examples. (That’s especially important for those who are writing a Graded Reading Analysis.)


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