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This a part of school project conducted for Right On Interactive. This is only one part of the project and I’m only responsible to do one section (Direct customers) :




Online Media Analysis

Analyze the media outlets, blogs, publications and social influencers for direct identified by your team in the Digital Target Audience Analysis* and describe the following:


  1. a) Direct Customers


  1. i) Describe each of the most popular online media outlets, blogs and publications


(1) Identify the topics each covers

(2) Identify the qualities of their most popular content


  1. ii) Describe the most trusted social media influencers


(1) Identify their topics of interest

(2) Identify the types of content they share


After writing about all of these, you would need one paragraph talking about how could this interject with Right On Interactive ( illustration to this will be the file attached for one of my team member)


  • The digital target audience analysis for direct customers that were identified in the previous part and the online media outlet you should analyze for the part above are:


  • Angie’s List


Indy Star


  • Wild Birds Unlimited


Nat Geo Birds

Cornell Lab of Ornithology


  • 3xLOGIC


Security System News

Source Security


It would be helpful to you to read about the business indicated above to get some insights on what they are and how this part the online media outlet indicated fits for each.


Please Note that this part has nothing to do with the company itself, it’s only the online media outlet. To clarify more, here’s the instructor note for this part

“Right On Interactive sells software as a service. The product that they sell (the software to track and analyze customers throughout their lifecycle) is a product that only a marketer would be interested in using/buying, correct? That also means this is a B2B relationship – both between their direct and indirect customers – because marketers are employees of a business, right?”



“So, put yourself in the shoes of said marketer. In the case of direct customers, it’s going to be a marketer of a manufacturer. As I suggested, it may help to segment further. Your classmate I spoke to said they were using Delta Faucets as an example, so I’ll use that as an example here too.”


“So if you’re working in the marketing department for Delta Faucets, and you want to do well at your job and stay current on marketing trends in your industry, where would you go to read news and learn from experts about how to do a better job/try new techniques/learn about new tools and software with regard to marketing faucets? I don’t know the answer – you have to figure that out, but I suspect there are trade publications that cater to your specific industry and vertical. Once you find those outlets, pay attention to the contributors. See if they have a twitter account (I bet they do) and how many followers they have. See who they are influenced by and who they engage with – both individuals and organizations and publications. See how this sort of becomes circular and all starts to overlap? Going back to the publications you identify, you also need to pay attention to the content that has a lot of page views or has a lot of comments. What are those content pieces about? Are they written or mostly video or a hybrid? Do they use a lot of pictures? Etc. etc.”



Please be noted that I only identified the applicable sources for each of my direct customers to do my part as I think are the best for each of them. However, you would need to go beyond it to identify the specification of the part (blogs, publication, etc.)



Also, we identified a lot of direct customers and one of my team members was responsible to cover couple of direct customers and he finished this part. So, he provided me of what he did and how this part should look like. However, be noted that his part is only a draft, but enough to put you in the picture. (the file is attached as “Example”)



There is no limitation for sources used, but use for relevance only.