Radiation treatment for cancer

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  1. Select a paper topic to view from the perspective of a sociological paradigm. Post your topic on this week’s What you Learned page 2. After receiving feedback from your Project 3: Sharing & Peer Review, refine your final paper. 3. Papers must be 3-5 pages, 12 pt. double-spaced. 4. Papers must include one paradigm (one only). 5. Paper structure: Introduction, Body of Paper (where you discuss your findings), and Conclusion. Be sure to use sociological terms from this course to discuss your topic! 6. Papers must include at least 5 resources from: books, newspaper articles, news-magazine articles, sociological journals, internet sites, videos, DVD’s, interviews, etc.) In short, you need a combination of resources. 7. Papers must include MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited list.


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