Race, class or gender

Race, Class, or Gender? For this paper, I would like you to consider these three social categories (or any others that you feel are important) in the role of facilitator or deterrent in enhancing one’s life chances. Oftentimes our sense of these issues comes from our own social background. For example, if you are female, you may have felt discriminated against based on your gender from time to time. If you are a person from a dominant group, you may be sensitive to times you have noticed that you received privileges due to your ‘racial’ or ethnic background. This assignment is not intended as a screed against groups you feel are privileged, nor as a way for you to simply recount what the textbook includes, but as YOUR sociological reflection upon social chances based on social location. Bring material from our textbook into your paper, but bring your own observations and examples in also. Paper must be at least 1,000 words and double spaced. YOU MUST CITE OUR TEXTBOOK (PAGE & EDITION INCLUDED!) AT LEAST THREE TIMES IN THIS PAPER. Remember, three citations is a minimum – for a higher grade, put in as many as you can! http://setcom.ee/tanno/info/is/teave/ained/sot/sot_alu_pearson_rowell_sociology_book_2006.pdf Text: Henslin, James M. Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Core Concepts, 6th edition. Pearson.