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          Figure 1. Showing internal view of oil free air supply system





Centrifugal compressor

NOTE: – For further reference about cut view of compressor which is used after finding critical asset of air supply system. You can use this picture to show the critical parts.


Model AtlasCopco ZT110-160
Product Air
Technology Centrifugal
Lubrication Oil-free
Rated Pressure 125/181.3 psi
Flow 3500/27000 m3/h
Power 2750kw
Dimensions (inches) 85 x 56 x 78


1- How to keep this Centrifugal compressor work in safety for all package?

2- What the Centrifugal compressor signals that is sent to control panel (PC) that are mentioned there are need maintenance or replaced?

3- What manual inspection need it for Centrifugal compressor and inspection devices used for it?