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This is just an assignment for extra credit, so there is an instruction below.
This Extra credit is an optional and individual effort that will be worth 50 points towards your total accumulated points and requires the following three parts:
I-Part I-PowerPoint
Read the PowerPoint Presentation on Ethics under the Extra Credit Unit folder. Then:
– Answer the Ethical Dilemma found on the last page (page 40) of the Powerpoint Presentation
– Write a statement that you have read the Ethics Powerpoint Presentation
II- Part II- Ethical Dilemma Scenarios
Open the “Ethical Dilemma” Document, and pick two out of the possible 6 case scenarios to address. Answers for each question should consist of a short but concise paragraph that includes justification and perspective on the topic.
III- Part III- Lessons Learned
Write a short paragraph on: what you learned from reading the PowerPoint and completing the exercise; what caught your attention; and if this assignment helped raise your ethics awareness
Instructions for Turning in the Extra Credit Assignment
– Save all your answers in ONE document, clearly marking Part I, II, and III as titles
– Save the file with your name and upload it under the dropbox for Extra Credit Assignment.