Quantitative data and qualitative data

Methodology chapter (consumer preferences)
Introduction about the methodology in general
Research design
What is the Quantitative data and qualitative data?
What is the mixed methods?
Collecting data using questionnaire.
Social Measurement
The questionnaire strategy
Different types of data in Questionnaire (ordinal nominal interval ratio)
Bias in Questionnaire.
Scoring and Measurement in Questionnaire (Likert scales)
Doing online survey.
Use the social media to publish the questionnaires social media.
What is the pilot of questionnaire?
Analysis the data using SPSS.
Mann-Whitney Test in SPSS
Kruskal-Wallis Test in SPSS
Factor analysis Test in SPSS
What is Interview?
Collecting data using Interview.
Creating model using questionnaire and interview.
What is focus group?
Validate the model using focus group.


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