Public Disorder

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This essay is about criminology, and the topic i choose is public disorder

It has a word limit of 1500 words. Being critical means adopting an ANALYTICAL approach to your subject (as opposed to critical in the sense of criticising or condemning something).

The essay should take in at least one of the following aspects of this subject:

?Theories of crime
?Methods of researching crime
?Key debates or issues in criminology
?Criminal justice practices and institutions
?Criminal justice policies

Assessment criteria for the critical commentary

?Use of academic sources
?Development of a structured, critical and coherent argument
?Use of correct Harvard referencing procedure
?Synthesis of creative, commentary and reflective parts of the project

This essay is links to my creative project which is a poster about Public Disorder and the essay has to reflect a part of my work, which means the poster. So i wish you can use the London 2011 riots as a example, because im going to use this case as a part of my poster.
The essay needs to have a header and footer and cover page and contents. And all references are in Harvard style.
The PPT you need i will send to you as well.