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You have to do write about measueres of the “Revange” on Kosovo that you will find on measures file that i will upload
Measures is a section describes the tests or instruments used to collect data. It would be
appropriate to describe any questionnaires that you used. For example, if you used the Marlowe-
Crowne Social Desirability Scale in your research, you may say that the Marlowe-Crowne Social
Desirability Scale (MCSD; Crowne & Marlowe, 1960) comprises 33 true-false items that
measure social desirability. You would also provide the reader with information regarding the
MCSD scores’ reliability and validity. Do this for each and every measure used in the study. In
the event that the purpose of your paper is to develop a new questinnaire, you may wish to

use as many sources as you want

use as many sources as you want but mostly the “Measure” word file that i will upload

you also might look at “APA-sample-research-paper” file to see it as an example. the section that you have to write is Measures”