Psychological Model Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



I will send an email with instructions. These will be of video format from my course. Please liaise with me regularly, if there is something you are unsure of, chances are I have a tutorial video of how to do it. 

Also, please contact me as soon as you have decided upon a psychological model to use (step 1 on instruction page). It is imperative that this model is precise. 

As the data is simulated, the report section is virtually made up however it’s to be based on actual studies etc NOT COPIED. Please use atleast  2-3+ references.

Please also watch all videos I have attached as they are helpful. 

I am paying platinum quality, please therefore keep me updated and make sure this is fulfilled by a top 10 writer in this field. 

*****This assignment will be marked if the teacher can produce the same data results in R, therefore everything must be correct.