Protestant Reformation

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The essay responses are to be completed and submitted through Turnitin. Complete each essay in your own words. Write each essay not as a research topic, but as an essay completed in a standard face to face final exam classroom setting. Do not use direct quotes, but you must give specific historical concepts and examples to support any generalizations, as you would do in any essay exam. Grammar and spelling must be correct.
Essay format: an opening paragraph, a multi-paragraph body, and a conclusion. Do not submit lists, bullets, etc. These are essay responses. You are allowed to use any resources that assist in your preparation, but your essay response should be in your own words. To reiterate, do not quote sources. This is not a formal research project. This essay should be no more than three (3) pages in length. Be clear, concise, succinct, and to the point. If you cannot adequately answer a question in one to two pages, three pages will be the absolute maximum. Submission requirements: These essays must be received through Turniti. Late papers will not be accepted. Finally, put your name and HIS 121 on all pages of your final exam essay responses
Required Question
Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation and shattered the unity of Catholic Christendom in 1517 at Wittenberg Cathedral. What were common beliefs and practices shared by the Protestant reformers? What were some of the beliefs and practices which divided the Protestant Reformers?
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