Project Time Management

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kindly refer the guidelines.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Create a project schedule: (40marks)
  2. (20 marks) Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS)for this project.

You can develop this WBS to whatever level of detail you need, however project reports in this assignment should show 50 to 75items (ie.between 50 and 75 lines in the WBS of any report- Note that this is not a restriction on the level of detail for your planning but it is a restriction on the level of detail of your reports).

  1. (20 marks) Based on your WBS for the project, estimate the durations and resources for the activities that will be required to achieve the project objectives.

Provide a Gantt Chart showing the dependencies between the activities that comprise your project schedule.

Clearly show the resources and durations of the components of your schedule.

In your schedule, clearly identify the start, end and duration of the project and the work activities and the dates planned for any milestones that will need to be achieved to successfully manage the execution of the project.


  1. Time planning &control: (20 marks)
  2. (10 marks) The sequence of tasks is based on dependencies, which may be either hard/mandatory or soft/discretionary. Briefly describe these different types of dependencies and illustrate both of these with specific examples taken from your project(Part A).

As a guide, your answer should not be more than200 words.

  1. (10 marks) Select one of the effort-driven tasks in your schedule. Describe how you calculated the duration of that task (including any method or technique) and the basis for any assumptions made.

As a guide, your answer should not be more than 200 words.



  1. Managing a Variation: (30 marks)

On the second day after arriving in Europe, your project is unexpectedly disrupted.  Your partner witnesses a serious crime whilst standing in front of the place in which you are staying and is subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness for the prosecution.  The court case will commence on the first Monday after 8 days delay.  (The prosecutors require at least 8 days to prepare evidence and criminal trials always start on a Monday in this country).  This case will be heard at the first opportunity and your partner will be called to give evidence on the first day of the trial and will not be required after that appearance.  However your partner is prevented from leaving the country until after her trial appearance.  You decide to arrange for an additional week’s leave to compensate for the disruption to the holiday and reorganise your travel plans to manage  these events.


  1. (15 marks) Re-plan your holiday to include this variation, ensuring  that you manage any significant risks associated with changing and extending the holiday.

Provide a revised WBS and schedule for the project (with the reports limited to 50 – 75lines) highlighting any changes made.

  1. (15 marks) Explain the effects of this change on the planned project, including additional work and activities that have changed or are no longer required.

Explain if and how you can still meet the objectives of your project within these new constraints on your  holiday.

As a guide, this explanation  should not be more than about 350 words.



  • This is an individual assignment that requires you to present your own work.
  • The assignment is due on Wednesday 29th April 2015.
  • Presentation & layout of your assignment counts (10 marks).
  • Marks will be deducted for non-compliance with the assignment instructions.
  • Present your work in a format that follows the above structure.
  • Your assignment is to be submitted as soft copy (pdf file) via Turnitin on Blackboard. Ensure that the Guidelines for Soft Copy are followed.  These are available on Blackboard under Assessments.
  • Provide your assignment using the Assignment Cover Sheet and the Marking Template (provided on Blackboard).
  • You may, but are not required to, referencescholarly texts and articles to support your arguments. If you do, referencing must conform to Curtin University guidelines  (Chicago).


  • If you wish to use an alternate project scheduling and modelling software tool for the assignment (ie. other than MS-Project 2013), you must obtain the prior agreement of the lecturer.