Project Management Principles I 7

Project Management Principles I 7
a . ted Project – Emerson Technologies $5.5.
gherson Technologies is a small engineering firm specializing in designing customi ‘-‘ f
g} 1′ conditioning systems for commercial buildings. Historically Emerson’s design engin
worked excluswely on paper or they have shared one dedicated workstation in the d’-~‘ 75.:
recent consulting engagement revealed that Emerson could increase productivity by60~
j» increase revenues by 30-40% by implementing design workstations for each of its five;- a Q
Emerson has asked the PMP Group to develop a proposed plan to upgrade their curre
systems and operating environment to prepare for the implementation of Computer – ,7
(CAD) software. The budget for the engagement is not to exceed $50,000. The engag «eggs
completed by January 31st 2016 in order to accept the CAD software. If the client apprrq‘fj, j
PMP will implement its project plan.
Complete the Integrated Project Exercises in the Pinto Text.