Project Management Assignment

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Assignment Detail

This individual assignment is the one point of assessment for this module. It has been designed to test your knowledge and understanding of specific aspects of project management through critical reflection on how a given project has been managed. Students who pass will have demonstrated a depth of knowledge, understanding, analysis and synthesis in their chosen topic area(s) and not a thin breadth of knowledge across the wide spectrum of project management. 

You, as an experienced project consultant, are required to carry out a post project review for the following project, or for a project of your own choice: 

The BBC Digital Media Initiative (DMI) IT project

There are two parts to the assignment both of which must be completed

Part One, the proposal: (800 words)

Your proposal should start with the rationale of the post project review, followed by explanation of how this project is to be evaluated from a range of aspects. For example, the classic iron triangle can be applied as generic criteria to evaluate the project. However, more critical and subtle evaluation criteria are expected, such as project scope management, risk management, impact to the operations, and the impact to local communities and environment etc. The criteria should be justified in terms of their importance in relation to the project success. 

The proposal should summarise the expected review outcomes as concluding remarks. 

The proposal carries 25% of the overall weight.

Part two, the report (3,000 words)

This report should detail your research, findings, analysis and synthesis. 

These along with all literature, facts and data should be cited and referenced using the UWE Harvard Referencing System. 

The report evaluates the chosen project from the criteria set out in the proposal. One or two aspects of the criteria should be identified as critical factor for the project performance and success, the importance of these aspects should be justified and impacts of these aspects should be studies. For instance, you may consider stakeholder management and/or risk management are more important than other aspects in the criteria, and wish to explore how these aspects were successfully management, or how these aspects could have been improved. The application of project management theories is essential in this section. 

The report should conclude with the best practices and main lessons learned on this project. You may also wish to recommend improvements to practice or solutions to problems encountered.

The report carries 75% of the overall weight. The length of the report should be 3000 words (+/-10%). If the report is outside these boundaries you may lose marks. Diagrams, tables, references, bibliographies and appendices do not form part of the word count.

Correct academic referencing must be demonstrated according to the Harvard Referencing System (details on the BBS learning skills web page or through the library