Project Fundamentals (Fracking)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



On 3rd September Total took a stake of 40pc  in two drilling licenses in Lincolnshire,
which were owned jointly by a number of much smaller companies: IGas, eCORP,
Egdon  Resources and Dart Energy (Telegraph, 2014 4
). This represents a significant
development in the UK shale gas market as this is potentially the start of the large
energy operators taking a speculative interest in the potential returns of fracking  in
the UK.
Your have been employed as a consultant to advise IGas on the development of a
high level project plan outlining how to proceed in the fracking market in the UK.
You must first evaluate potential delivery options which must cover
Where in the UK should they target operations·
What kind of technology should they use.·
Once you have completed this you should then develop a high level project plan for
your preferred option.

An introduction section which should include the background to and rationale
for the project.
2. A high level business case for the development of the project including financial
planning. This should identify the proposed solution and discuss the critical
success factors, the financial budget, the investment plan and the stage/time
when the project will start to pay off.
3. A project scope which details the project objectives and deliverables. Summary of the
main considerations and assumptions taken into account in formulating the
business case, constraints, project specification and project plan.
4. The report should provide an overview of the project lifecycle  and include a
work breakdown structure (WBS) and a ‘project schedule’ (Gantt  chart) which
must link to your deliverables.  You must identify any decision gates throughout
the lifecycle.
5. The report should also include a critical analysis of the key risk factors and the
key stakeholders within the project and also a discussion of the likely impact any
changes to these elements will have on the project’s operating environment.
6. Identify any areas of further investigation/research necessary and any decisions
that require to be resolved in order to obtain all the information required to
implement the project.
7. The report should include a conclusion and recommendations section that pulls
all the disparate elements together.
The report MUST include the use of appropriate project tools such as, Risk
Assessment Matrices, GANTT, WBS, etc. These can be taken from the group
presentation and inserted in the appendix if necessary

i have attached two power point slides which shows where in the UK should they target operations and what kind of technology should they use. You should work with the slides along side because it is paramount to the report.