Project Concept Proposal (Individual)

Order Instructions/Description

For the project concept proposal assignment, each student needs to pick an engineering project topic of which the student has access to project information directly or indirectly, sufficient for developing and submitting a full-fledged project proposal for grading as a team effort at the end of the semester.
This project proposal concept can be based on a project that you (your company or someone else) completed before, are doing, or planning to do, or a project that you can obtain sufficient details in documented in literature, or one that you can get sufficient information from your acquaintance. You are allowed to scale its scope down or up, if necessary.
1. Outline for Project concept proposal (limited to 2 pages, not exceeding 3 pages)
· Project title (less than 20 words)
· Brief description of the customer (company)
· Brief description of the vendor (the aspiring contractor)
· Brief description of the (technical) problem the customer is facing
· Project objective with deliverable(s) and technical requirements for each
· Brief description of a technical solution approach the vendor intends to use to solve the problem.
· Major engineering phases needed for each deliverable
· A guestimate (rough estimate) of project cost and duration
2. Project concept proposal grading criteria
The following five criteria will be used to assess the quality of a proposal concept and for grading..
a. Quality of technical description of the problem
b. Quality of project definition
c. Quality of objective statement (including deliverables and technical requirements for each)
d. Quality of intended technical solution approach including involving multiple engineering phases
(i.e., analysis, design, fabrication, assembly, test, and rollout) in the project
A maximum of 5 points is allocated to each criterion, valued from excellent (5), good (4), average (3), fair (2), to poor (1). The total is then divided by 2, as this is a 10 point contribution to the project grade.
3. Criteria for project concept proposal selection for further development by teams
The following criteria will be applied to select proposal concepts for the purpose of team projects.
a. Quality of concept proposal as determined by score
b. Diversity of project concept proposals (from diverse industry sectors)
c. Availability of sufficient project proposal data