Order Instructions/Description
Using the Greenfoot Scenario provided on NILE for this assignment; produce a routine to control a car, navigating around a course – using left, right, up and down keys.

Rules (Basic)
•    The car must only move within the area marked by the two red walls.
•    If the car touches any block in the red walls the games stops.
•    Must use the scenario provided.
•    To complete the basic solution you must correct the code in the following methods within the car class.(A copy of the methods are shown in Appendix A). Methods that contain errors are:
o    canMove()
o    act()

Rules (Advanced)
o    For higher grades on the solution part of the assignment see the marking scheme at the front of the brief. You must NOT change the layout and all changes should still meet the criteria of Rules (Basic). For a C grade or upwards the placement of/collision with objects must also stop the game.

•    A document containing the following in either (PDF/Word/RTF)
o    An introduction – An introduction to the whole report, including that the reader will see both the groupwork discussion and the work related to the task.
o    Evidence of working in a group. You need to describe any advantages and disadvantage you found in working with others to find your own solution to the problem. It is expected that good work here would include evidence how it happened. For example a diary, posting and responding to posts of the assignment discussion board, etc.
o    Introduction to the task and your solution
o    Analysis and design
o    Final Code
o    Testing can include screenshots but no video.
o    Conclusions
§    What did you find out? You could include any conclusions you drew about groupwork here as well.
§    What are the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?
§    What changes could be made if you were starting again? How would you improve your solution?

Combo: 1 programming assignment plus 3-page report.