Program Evaluation

Assignment Requirements

This assignment will be:

A concise 6-7 page program evaluation plan laying out your step by step plan for evaluating the program found in the provided scenario.

In this assignment, you will develop a plan for evaluation that includes the major steps in the program evaluation process:

Begin the evaluation plan with an overview of the program and a review of the literature.

This review of the literature should include a minimum of 3 charts, tables, or graphs that visually support the expectations you have in terms of the outcomes of the evaluation.

This literature review and presentation of visual information should serve as a basis for developing the set of evaluation questions that will inform your methodology including:

Assessing attainment of objectives

Assessing impact on participants

Assessing impact on the community

Develop an evaluation methodology including a discussion of both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

How will you develop indicators for the program outputs and program outcomes?

What methods of data collection will be used to gather observed data?

Establishing a set of expectation in terms of the timeline of evaluation activities as well as expectations in terms of expected outcomes:

For this Assignment, you will combine all previous work in PP612 to produce an evaluation plan for your program. The plan should be presented in a logical format, and read as a complete, formal document that explains the rationale for and process of the suggested program evaluation.

  • Make sure to include:
  • A discussion of the evaluation question(s)
  • Graphic representation of the logic model
  • A sample of any data collection tools
  • A discussion of how you would report findings of the evaluation
  • Use the Readings from this course and at least two academic sources from the Kaplan Library.

Unit 9 Assignment Grading Criteria Points

Evaluation Plan 150

Writing 50

Structure: Includes introduction with clear thesis statement, complete paragraphs, and brief summary.

Mechanics: Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA style. Free of typographical errors.

Total Points 200

An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.


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