Proficiency (CPE) Critical Analysis of Speaking Part

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


The following was the previous instructions which previous writer failed to follow.
” Select and critically analyse a test to evaluate its suitability for its intended purpose or other uses Select a test with which you are familiar. This may be from one of the large testing agencies such as Educational Testing Service (ETS, see or Cambridge ESOL (see ¬†Analyse the test and critically evaluate its suitability for its stated purpose or other use to which the test is put. Some questions you may address are: Who is the target population for the test? What is the test intended to measure (constructs)? What does the testing agency suggest the scores can be used for? What task or item types are contained in the test and are these appropriate? Is the content domain adequate? What kind of teaching might this test encourage? The kinds of questions you address will depend upon the test you select and its intended use, but you must make the criteria for evaluation explicit. Note: If you select an international test like IELTS, you cannot critically analyse the entire test as it has so many sections. Look at just one part, like the speaking component, the writing component, or the reading component, for example. This makes the task more manageable in the word limit. – Put the test examples in the appendix so it will not be counted in the word limit. ”

This means you don’t have to rewrite every thing but you need to follow the exact feedback and comments in the uploaded files.