produce a research poster of A2 size on a commodity.

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Seminar 4: Poster on a commodity


Weeks 11 & 12


Seminar Objectives

  • To enhance your knowledge on global commodities and commodity markets.
  • To learn how to effectively prepare and present a research poster

Preparation for Seminar

In preparation for this seminar you are required to produce a research poster of A2 size on a commodity.

  • The chosen commodity should be from the following list (steel, gold, silver, platinum, aluminium, lead, crude oil, copper, coal, ethanol, sugar, coffee beans, cotton, tea, soybeans, rice, cocoa, corn, wheat, and beef.).

(London metal exchange website, OPEC).

  • The size and shape of the poster should be A2 and can be folded into A4 (size of a normal sheet of paper) so it can be handed in as part of the portfolio. Therefore don’t use big cardboard etc. that cannot be folded into A4.
  • Guidance on designing a poster is on the e-learning portal, but naturally every poster will be different. Try to make your poster visually stimulating, include charts, and pictures where necessary to illustrate trends.
  • Please use at least 5 separate sources and properly referenced.
  • Be prepared to discuss in your learning groups the ideas behind your poster, and to explain the significance of your findings and design.

The following areas should be covered under 7 separate headings in your poster:

  • Type of commodity
  • Uses of the commodity
  • Major world sources/supply
  • The major influences on supply/ demand
  • Price elasticity for the commodity (high/low) and causes and consequences for price fluctuations.
  • Alternatives/substitute products (if any)
  • Long term prospects for supply & demand of your commodity
  • Environmental impact of the commodity
  • List of references

Research posters are a means of displaying data, charts, pictures and diagrams in such a way that tell the reader a ‘story’. Examples of previous posters are available on the e-learning portal in week 10 folder.

Seminar Activities

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