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Part 1



I want you to create a document (MS Word or plain text) with your responses, then

You have a budget of $2500.00 to acquire a computer and peripherals (speakers, printer, scanner, external storage…) for your (real or hypothetical) job.


  1. Describe your (real or hypothetical) job, which obviously needs to require the use of a desktop or laptop computer.


  1. Use whatever online resource you like to research computers and computer components. My favorite is


  1. List your source, and describe the computer and related goodies you bought in a detailed way (CPU, RAM, size and type of hard drive other storage devices, input devices, output devices, etc).  Explain how each component meets your job needs.  For example, if you do engineering graphics, you need a huge hard drive and a large, high quality monitor. If you are a financial analyist, you will need a very fast processor. This is important. You don’t have to be really detailed, but justify why you are using up your budget on one component versus another. If you choose a laptop/tablet, explain why mobility is important.


Many students use a word table to organize their list of components, what they cost, and justification for each item.






Part 2

Think of a small business that you would like to own or manage. It could overlap with the assignment for Tech Guide 1, or you could choose something different. Be open to all possibilities – anything from a bicycle shop to a veterinary clinic. Research at least two software options for operating that business (Google ‘Veterinary Software’ or whatever is appropriate for your business). Find out what they cost if you can (sometimes you can’t from the website) and make a list of the major features. Create a comparison chart of the two packages, then make a choice. Briefly justify your choice (why did you choose one over the other?). Comment on your experience of trying to choose the ‘right’ software for a business.