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My number for values x is (8818151)



Question 1:   Frames and machines are composed of multi-force members connected together in a structural system. The primary difference between frames and machines is that machines have moving parts:



  • True
  • False


(1 mark)


The following figure applies to Questions 2, 3 and 4 (overleaf).


The structure is a knee-braced portal frame, similar to those found in industrial warehouses. The rafter of the portal frame (CDEFG) is subject to an uplift wind load, idealised here as a uniform distributed load. A piece of  heavy equipment is suspended from the rafter at E. The supports at A and I are pins. The joints C and G are smooth pins. The members BD and HF are connected to the portal frame with smooth pins at both ends.

Question 2:   Find the vertical reaction,