3-d printing

Term Paper?Option l: Materials Application?The purpose of this report is to analyze the behavior of specific materials for a specific use. It is expected that this report will build upon course material and is at a technical difficulty of someone with a working knowledge of MSE 227.??Option 2: Materials Selection Report?The purpose of this report is to analyze material requirements in a specific design and to compare the behavior of candidate materials. The report should include the basis for selection in terms of the design, the selection criteria, comparison between materials behavior, and specification of the material for purchase.??Topics for the Term Paper?
1.    Aluminum foam ?2.    MEMS?3.    Germanium transistors?4.    Beyond Lithium rechargeable batteries ?5.    Polymer coatings for biosensors ?6.    3-D printing?7.    Electronics on paper?8.    Titanium diboride?9.    Gorilla glass?10.   Photonic Integrated Circuits???Basic Format to include ?1-paragraph Abstract?Introduction (to the topic matter) or Background information ?Material properties ?Comparison with other materials?Processing Techniques ?Applications ?Results?Analysis ?Discussion ?Conclusions