Preventing maintenance for offshore rig

Order Instructions/Description

I need to write a technical paper about offshore rig preventing maintenance. The paper should be minimum, but not limited to 5 pages. I will attached an example paper but with different subject. The paper should be about the preventing maintenance for offshore rigs. It should cover area of improvement, problems, safety, body, conclusion etc. I want you to do some research then start to write it. The concentration of the paper about:
1.    Crane maintenance: #- Safety ( what are the consequences of not doing maintenance)
#- Concentration on crane greasing
#- Cable maintenance and lubrication
#- Crane inspection
#-Maintenance procedures

2.    General housekeeping
3.    Chipping-cleaning-painting
4.    Maintaining and inspection of power tools

I arranged the subjects above from the most to least important, so I need good part about the most important one. You can add figures and visual aids with citation please (attach the source). If you need to ask something please do.