Preparing a business case for a construction project

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Project Scope:
Preparing a business case for a construction project (50 %) .

The task in this assignment is: to prepare a robust business case to address the problem in the Sandford Lock structure and present to the Project Board to obtain the approvals to undertake the works. Related drawings showing the lock structure and current problems are uploaded to the Moodle. Some background information on the project which needed to complete this task are given below.

Background to the Project 

Sandford Lock has been identified by the waterways asset management team as being in need of refurbishment. A condition survey was undertaken in July 2013 by Peter Brett Associates and South Bucks Diving Services Ltd to identify the problems. 

The Problem
The survey works identified numerous items at the lock that need addressing to protect or extend the life expectancy of the lock structure, improve its operation and improve the safety for lock staff and users. 

Key defects:
• Damage and spalling of cement render at the head and tail bullnoses and the chamber wall,
• 63% of timber fenders are in a very poor condition, 27% are in poor condition and 10% are in fair condition.
• Defective sections (approximately 25%) of lock side concrete walkway slab.

You need identify 4 options and analyse the options technically, economically and environmentally. Considerations for selecting options should give for using sustainable material, reducing carbon foot print and value engineering and clearly state in the report how you selected the preferred option. 
The Report must include the following: 
(i) Do nothing and Do minimum options 
(ii) Additional 2 options to address the issue
(iii) Benefits and Risks associated with each options
(iv) Economic viability (you need to carry out Bill of quantities and costing)
(v) Health and safety issues
(VI) Whole life cost analysis of the options (whole life analysis calculation sheet is attached to the assignment. An example will be discussed on the 22nd October Lecture). 
Should be 4 pages A4 (letter size) pages for the Business Report.


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