Pre-European Maori Society

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

By the thirteenth century, Polynesian communities that had migrated to New Zealand were evolving into a distinct society known commonly identified as Maori. This assignment will enable you to look at some of the basic features of the structure of traditional Maori society, and to examine how it came about and what some of its values were.



You will need to research and write about the following topics:


1- The arrival of Maori in New Zealand

2- the structure of traditional Maori society

3- three cultural values, such as tapu, kaitiakitanga, noa, utu, mauri, moko.


Write a brief introductory statement (no more than 100 words) outlining the main themes you will address in your essay.


Write around 600 words on the details of this topic, including:


1- how Maori arrived in New Zealand, with reference to at least one migration legend.

2- the structure of traditional Maori society.

3- three traditional cultural values.


Finish the essay with a conclusion (around 100 words) which sums up the main points relating to what you have researched


At least 10 resources should be referred to