Power Point

Create a 6 slide PowerPoint® presentation (excluding the title and reference pages) that addresses the following:

Assess cross-cultural communication as an essential element of professionalism in criminal justice fields.

Choose one scenario or case study that demonstrates the effect race, gender, culture, or sexual orientation has on interactions with police officers. You can find scenarios in your textbook or online. Examples include: Rodney King, Brandon Teena, Elian Gonzalez, or any of the cases from your textbook chapters. Once you have identified your case, you will summarize it and identify themes from the course material (i.e. gender discrimination, stereotyping, communication styles, hate crimes, community based policing, etc.). The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate your understanding of how a person’s race, culture, gender, or sexual orientation can play a role in a situation. The PowerPoint® should contain a title page and a list of references in APA format. All internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere to APA format