Power Electronic project

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Department of Electrical Engineering EE Power Electronics Project Design of a DC Chopper I. Design of an AC/DC converter with the following the specifications: ? AC supply voltage VS = 230 V (rms), 60 Hz. ? The DC output voltage V01(dc) = 48 V. ? The ripple factor of the output voltage RFV ? 5%. II. Design of step-down DC chopper with the following specifications: ? Switching (or chopping) frequency, fs = 20 kHz. ? Dc input supply voltage VS = 48 V dc, where as the source available is an ac with 230 V (rms). ? Load resistance R = 5 ?. ? The DC output voltage V02(dc) = 12 V. ? The peak-to-peak output ripple voltage, ?VC ? 2.5%. ? The peak-to-peak inductor ripples current, ?IL ? 5%. III. Calculation for both circuits: (a) Determine the values of Le and Ce for the output LC-filter. (b) Determine the (peak and rms) voltage ratings and the (average, rms, and the peak) current for all components and devices. (c) Verify your design calculation by using Pspice simulation. Design AC/DC Circuit Design DC-DC Chopper Circuit AC 5? Output Load