Possibility of the Globalization of Youth Culture

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Assessment: Take Home Essay (2000 words)

Due Feburary 12th by 4pm at SOPHI office AND by 11:55pm on TurnItIn

Choose one of the following topics and respond to it using at least three course readings from two or more separate topics at least two of which should come from weeks 3-5. At least two should be required. The other may be either supplementary or from a provided link.

  1. Discuss the a way or ways in which transgression is enacted within youth culture by using American Pie, Across the Universe, Wasted on the Young, or another relevant film/book.
  2. Discuss the implications of digital technology on youth culture by using Wasted on the Young or another relevant film/book or internet trend.
  3. Discuss the problematic of teen sexuality by using American Pie, Wasted on the Young, or another relevant film/book.
  4. Discuss the possibility (or lack thereof) of the globalization of youth culture. You may use cultural texts of your choice, or not, for this question.
  5. Discuss the relevance of musical style/genre within a particular historical subculture. *This assignment may require the use of one or more outside sources. Be sure that you keep your response grounded in informed analysis rather than reportage and that your primary source of scholarly texts is the reader (and/or Blackboard). (If you choose hippie subculture you may make reference to Across the Universe.)
  6. Complete either #4 or #5 in video format. That means a 4-minute video with voiceover and a 500-word exegesis citing your theoretical sources.

With the exception of question five, outside scholarly sources should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Don’t plagiarize yourself (or anyone, for that matter.)

As with all things, please feel free to email me anytime with any questions.




Week One: constructing youth

What is youth? What has shaped our concept of youth culture?

  1. Defining Youth

Tuesday, January 7 > FILM: Summer Heights High

Grossberg, Lawrence (1994), ‘The Political Status of Youth and Youth Culture’

Spacks, Patricia Meyer (1981), from ‘The Adolescent Idea’


  1. Developing Youth

Thursday, January 9,

Foucault, Michel (1977), ‘The Means of Correct Training’

Harris, Anne and Lemon, Andrea (2012), ‘Bodies That Shatter: Creativity, Culture and the New Pedagogical Imaginary’


Week two: gendering Youth

How are youth cultures defined by issues of gender?


  1. Marketing Femininity

Tuesday, January 14 > FILM: Mean Girls

McRobbie, Angela (2008), Excerpts from ‘The Aftermath of Feminism’

Driscoll, Catherine (2002), ‘Girls’


  1. Teaching Masculinity

Thursday, January 16th

Gilbert, Rob and Gilbert, Pam (1998), ‘Masculinity Goes to School’

Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky (2004), ‘How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay: The War on Effeminate Boys’


WEEK THREE: Youth at risk

How is the culture of concern around youth constructed?

  1. Sexuality and Risk

Tuesday, January 21 > FILM: American Pie

Freud, Sigmund (1991 [1907]), ‘The Sexual Enlightenment of Children (an Open Letter to Dr. M. Fürst)’

Powell, Anastasia (2007), ‘Youth “at Risk”? Young People, Sexual Health and Consent’


  1. Moral Panics

Thursday, January 23

Cohen, Stanley (1972), ‘Deviance and Moral Panics (Excerpt)’

Riele, Kitty te (2006), ‘Youth ‘at Risk’: Further Marginalising the Marginalised?’


WEEK FOUR: subculture

How does youth become a cultural identity?

  1. The Subculture Concept

Tuesday, January 28 > FILM: TBA

Hebdige, Dick (1979), Excerpts from ‘Subculture: The Meaning of Style’

Bennet, Andy (1999), ‘Subcultures or Neo-Tribes? Rethinking the Relationship Between Youth, Styles, and Musical Taste’


  1. Rebellion and Resistance

Thursday, January 30

Halberstam, Judith (2005), ‘What’s That Smell? Queer Temporalities and Subcultural Lives’

Griffin, Christine, Yvette Moey, and Sarah Riley (2010), ‘The ‘Pleasure Citizen’: Analyzing Partying as a Form of Social and Political Participation’


Week Five: postmodern youth

         What does ‘youth culture’ mean today?


  1. Digital Youth

Tuesday, February 4th> FILM: TBA

McMillan, Sally and Margaret Morrison (2006), ‘Coming of Age with the Internet’

Driscoll, Catherine and Melissa Gregg (2008), ‘Broadcast Yourself: Moral Panic, Youth Culture, and Internet Studies’


  1. Global Youth?

Thursday, February 6th

Feixa, Carles and Pam Nilan (2006) ‘Introduction: Youth Hybridity and Plural Worlds’