Popular IPOs and Behavioural Finance

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Coursework (30%)
Individual Coursework Assignment
Popular IPOs and Behavioural Finance
The Aim of this assignment is to enable you to evaluate if there was any behavioural finance phenomena (that you could observe) during recent popular initial public offerings (IPOs). It is intended for you to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes of this module and successfully recognise and depict some of the behavioural finance concepts related to this topic. Additionally, It will prepare you to make successful research on a given topic and produce a written report with length constraints which should further improve your skills of separating important from unimportant and circumstantial information.
Assignment: Produce a written report following the guidelines provided bellow:
1. Investigate ONLY ONE OF the following IPOs:
a. The IPO of Facebook (18.05.2012)
b. The IPO of Twitter (07.11.2013)
c. The IPO of Royal Mail (11.10.2013)
d. The IPO of Alibaba (Sept. 2014)

  1. Research some relevant literature on the background of the event and a brief context of IPOs (using Library and internet resources) (30%);
  2. Identify and describe any behavioural finance phenomena that could be attributed to or observed during the chosen events (35%);
  3. Use Factual (statistical, financial, historical) information (from A reputable, scientific source) to back up your arguments and opinions (20%);
  4. Follow the conventional written report format which you can see as a suggestion below (15%).

Things To note:
Length of Report: About 1100 Words +/‐ 10%