Please read the instructions carefully to see the assignment topic and directions.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


New Worlds – Presentation of 3 Artworks

• Submit as a doc. or pdf. file via the assignments link, which can be found in the Paper 3 folder in course materials. 
• Text should be in paragraph form and not written as bullet points or lists 
• outside internet research is recommended.
• Papers must include 3 images of artworks labeled by artist, title and year.
• Papers should read like a “narrated Powerpoint  presentation” with an intro, then first image (captioned), text about first image, then second image (captioned), text about second image, etc. (see Format below). File should be a Word doc., not a Powerpoint! 
• If images are not included =-5 point penalty off the paper grade. Please do not discuss art works discussed in previous papers.

Assignment: Select 3 artworks by 3 different artists and describe how their formal elements and/or social context and meaning relate to the concept of New Worlds . If you are an artist, you can create a new artwork and/or include past artwork as part of your selection of 3 works in relation to the theme of New Worlds. 

Some examples of New Worlds include:
The American West seen in landscapes
Virtual New Worlds seen in digital photo
Science Fiction
Discovery Voyages/Road Trips
The Occult/Spirits

The more specific you are, the better.

Possible artists are available at website
Museum websites (see Web Links on left side of BB course page)

What To Do:
1). Research in order to select three art works that can be related to the theme of New Worlds. 

2). Then study your three works, taking notes on as many aspects of each work as is possible. Also, study the works carefully in light of new worlds, making note of formal aspects, such as color, composition, and other features, along with details of subject matter, which will become the basis for your argument.

3). When you begin to see links between the formal elements and meanings with the larger issues of new worlds, these connections are what should form the basis of your argument and thesis statement, in other words, how does each artwork relate to the concept of a new world? Start to organize the order in which you will present your evidence to the reader to prove your point. Eliminate any irrelevant mentions of formal elements that fail to further your argument.

Helpful tips for writing:
• The formal analysis is to be based primarily on your own observations. Do not rely too much on outside sources for this section.
• You should think hard about as many aspects of the works as is possible. Consider the medium, installation, subject matter, color, application of paint, brushstroke, and/or style, composition, manipulation of space or emphasis on flatness, balance or asymmetry, etc. Then connect how each of these elements serve to advance the subject of new worlds. 

• Avoid the use of subjective or informal language and the use of “I.” For example, it is beautiful, ugly, it moved me, I liked it, etc. 

• Start a new paragraph for each new idea.

• Artwork titles should be in italics.

• Remember to support your ideas with specific elements from the artworks.

• Proofread, especially the spelling of the artists’ names!

• Papers should include an introduction and a conclusion that introduces the concept of new worlds and ties the three works together

Format for Papers: 
Papers should be 2-5 pages typed, double-spaced, with 12-point font.
Papers should read like a “narrated Powerpoint presentation” in that it contains introductory text, then the first image captioned, then text for the first image, and so on, finishing with a textual conclusion. Some may find it helpful to save the doc. as a pdf to keep the images in place. Sample papers are provided in the Paper 3 folder on Blackboard.

Textual sources should be documented in-text using MLA-style parenthetical documentation. Papers should include a full bibliography at the end of the paper listing outside sources, if consulted.