Plagiarism free guarantee

Plagiarism has a broad definition and in its simplest form, plagiarism can be defined as using someone else’s work and publishing it as your own. Let us look at other instances of plagiarism that could occur. It is an added guarantee that we will not let any kind of plagiarism happen in the academic solution delivered to our customer.

  • Unique Academic Writing Style

Every writer has a unique writing style and it is developed with several years of writing experience. Our professional writers have a minimum 5 years of work experience as writers in the academic writing industry. Hence, over the years, our writers have certainly developed a unique writing style which is almost impossible to be identified with any other published scholar’s writing. Thus, there will never be any claims that the work is re-written by referring to another scholar’s publication. Secondly, our writers acknowledge that it is academic writing and not creative writing or content writing. The source of inspiration and creativity works in all kinds of writing. However, it is essential to not only mould once writing style according to the academic writing guidelines but it is also important to stop being creative and start being academic in some cases. Being unique also requires the writer to be specific, and succinct. This covers our first guarantee: Unique academic writing style.

  • Proven accuracy in referencing style

The most popular academic referencing styles are APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard. Our writers have thorough knowledge about the application of each academic referencing style due to the experience and training that they have received in their academic writing career. At times, it is observed that a writer simply copies a referencing page from another paper and uses it as his own. However, this is another form of plagiarism and we strictly avoid it. This covers our second plagiarism guarantee: Proven accuracy in referencing style.

  • Original thought process

It could happen that during research a writer may get influenced by a scholarly publication and the writer might follow that scholar’s writing style, referencing style and thought process. Well, that is not permitted in the academic writing industry. Hence, our writers always keep an open mind while writing their academic papers. This is to ensure that a specific opinion is not duplicated and as a norm this writing practice is very important whether it is an application-based essay or a creative writing essay. This covers our third plagiarism guarantee: Original thought process.