Physical Geology 101 MW

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Physical Geology 101 MW

Extra Credit Possibilities.



  1. You may visit either the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in Exposition Park or the George Page Museum in Hancock Park as per the course syllabus. You can earn up to 15 points extra credit.




  1. Below is a list of movies that have “something” to do with geology. You may decide you would like to watch one of these and do a three page, double-spaced report on the geology as represented in the movie. Is it accurate? If so, explain. If not, explain.  Be as thorough as possible. (You will need to be in order to get three pages!)  You may earn up to 25 points for this paper.


Do not critique the movie. (I already know what I think of the movie and I doubt that you would change my opinion.)  Treat only the geological aspects of the movie. Did the volcanoes have an environmental impact?  What?  How?  Did the filmmakers do a good job of visuals?  Would (or could) you really use a nuclear bomb to break through the Moho? What might be the environmental impacts of such usage? Would rock climbing really be of value in an earthquake emergency? Etc. I think you get the idea.


  1. Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999)


  1. Crack in the World (1965)


  1. Dante’s Peak (1997)


  1. The Core (2003)


  1. Earthquake! (1974)


  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959 original!)


  1. 2012 (????)


  1. Volcano (The Coast is Toast!!)(1997)


  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008 remake)


Papers are due at the beginning of class,  Monday, May 4, 2015.

No papers will be accepted past this date. See me with any questions.




Name: _______________________

Class: Physical Geology, (class day)


TITLE (16 pt Times Roman bold)



TEXT:  double-spaced, Times Roman 12 pt.

Indent first line of each paragraph, and do not put an extra space between paragraphs. All rules of English grammar should be followed.

Three pages

Any citations go on a fourth page

Be sure to number your pages, bottom, center.


Notes: Put name on all three (four) pages. The class data should only be on the first page.  Be sure to number your pages. The title should be in 16 pt Times Roman, all caps, and centered on the page. Space twice and then start your text.

In all, your paper will only be about 750 words. Do not waste them!! You may make use of the first paragraph to tell me that you liked or didn’t like the movie (a very short paragraph). The rest of the paper should be a critique  of the geology and how it was handled in the movie.

Remember, citations go on page 4 (the last page).

See me with any questions.



Elizabeth Adams

Physical Geology, MW [page 1 only]




I liked Dante’s peak because it starred two of my favorite movie personalities, and there was enough action to keep my interest.

As far as the geology as portrayed in the move…

(Now you will continue this critique of the movie for the rest of this page and two more full pages. And by full, I do mean all the way to the bottom of the page. There will be 1 point deducted for each quarter page omitted.)

As noted earlier, on pages two, three (and four if you have citations), put only your name in the upper right hand corner. Class data is not necessary.