"Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga" [Research Paper]

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Persuasive Research Paper in APA Style

  • Write a 1,100+ word persuasive research paper on the topic: “Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga”.
  • See uploaded file:  TOPIC [Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga]
  • See uploaded file:  GRADING RUBRIC
  • The research paper should be written and formatted in scrupulous adherence to all APA style guidelines for its genre and include a Title Page, Abstract, Body, References Page, and In-text Citations for all outside material, whether that outside material is paraphrased or quoted.
  • The paper should contain at least five (5) separate paragraphs.
  • The paper should contain the following elements:
    • An introduction that previews the topic and brings the reader into the existing conversation on that topic.
    • A balanced discussion of the essential perspectives/positions on the topic.
    • A precise, persuasive, and pertinent thesis that encapsulates your position on the topic.
    • Sufficient and varied evidence and means of support for your position, including logos (logical reasoning and facts), ethos (proof of credibility), and pathos (appeals to emotion), as appropriate.
    • Sufficient clarification of the relationship(s) between essential perspectives on the topic (including yours).
    • Anticipation and refutation of counter-arguments or common objections to your position.
    • A conclusion that demonstrates the relevance and impact of your topic and your position.
  • Paper Due by Saturday at 10:00 p.m. (PST)
  • Week 8 – Paper2 Grading Rubric
    Content and Structure 100
    Active hyperlinks have been provided for students to review. If your feedback in the right column indicates that a hyperlink in the left column will improve your writing, please review the linked resource at your convenience and direct all questions and concerns to your professor.
    All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. To note:

    • The annotated bibliography lists at least six sources.
    • Each entry in the annotated bibliography is composed of two parts:
      • A citation of one source
      • A 200-word annotation placed beneath the citation summarizing the content of the source (thesis, evidence, supports, main points, etc.), evaluating the usefulness and reliability of the source, and indicating how you might use the source in your research project
    The language of the assignment is clear, simple,
    and conciseno redundancies, vagueness, or awkward sentence constructionsThe passive voice is used sparingly, if at all.
    All information and language from outside sources is appropriately quoted, paraphrased, or summarized and accompanied by an in-text citation that acknowledges intellectual property and authorship. 20
    Style and Clarity 50
    Elements of style and clarity are strong. To note:

    • Paragraph and sentence transitionsare present and maintain the flow of thought.
    • The toneis appropriate to the content and assignment
    • varietyof sentence structures are present
    The research paper is written and formatted in scrupulous adherence to all APA formatting guidelines for its genre and includes a title page, abstract, body, and References Page. 20
    Written Mechanics 50
    Syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are strong. To note:

    Total 200