Photographer Presentation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements
been asked to do a presentation about a photographer which is Max Dupain and  about Australian Modernism. i will upload a reader about it.

this is what you should do:
There will be a list of photographers and particular areas of their work that students can
select from in order to create a Seminar Presentation to give to class on a given week.
Each photographer subject will be accompanied by a particular reading that the student
will use as an ancillary document (a reflective medium) for discussing the
photographers work. The class will also be expected to have undertaken that reading.
Once the student has completed their prepared presentation they will then lead a
seminar discussion on the reading, the photographers work and the presentation
Marks will be awarded for skills in research, clarity in communication of ideas and
concepts, quality of presentation and ability in leading class discussion.

1. Focus on the photographer’s work, their thinking behind the work and
2. Try not to focus on biographical details (birthdates, where they sent to school
etc.) unless it has direct bearing on the work they created.
3. Interweave ideas form the reading text into the presentation as you see fit. The
reading is a reflective mechanism designed to promote discussion about the
photographer’s works and motivations. You do not need to go through the
reading line by mine but rather include it as par to your discussion.