Philosophy Exam

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This one question is composed of three sub questions that form among themselves a conceptual unit (which you’ll know, having read the module). Please read the module and follow the instructions. This exam is very important to me, and I just got 5 out 20 by another writer last time. Please help me to pass this course. Thank you. And no too much reference.


There is one question. The word limit is 300 words. Choose your words wisely; polish your essay several times before turning it in. Doing so will surely help.

Imagine (seriously) that you have a child and that you are a really good parent. Then, would the following statements be true of you?

  1. Would you want and try to know of every evil, bad, or harmful thing that could or might happen to your child? If you had the power of fore-knowledge, would you be able to anticipate all these things?
  2. Would you wish to have (and then attain) the power to prevent any of these unnecessary evils, bad things, or harms from happening to your child?
  3. Would you desire to prevent evil, bad, and harm from happening to your child, and so you prevent unnecessary evil, bad, and harm from happening to your child?

Answer the three questions individually with Yes or No – and of course Why? (The “Why Yes?” or “Why No?” is crucial.)