Order Instructions/Description
Beginning a contemporary issue with philosophical questions, write a well-structured essay exploring the ethical value of the issue( i.e right or wrong) incorporating various “philosopher, ethical approaches/theories/principles(lenses) to examine the problem and arguing both for and against the same issue. Describe, define and explain the issues and arguments using as much course related terminology and material as possible.

At least 3 paper sources(like article)
At least 5 different philosophers or schools of thought discussed in class( Pick 5: The Myth of Gypes, Euthyphro, Apology, Meno, Crito, Plato/ Republic, aristotle’s Metaphysics and physics, Logic, Valid Syllogism, Formal Fallacies, inductive Fallacies, skeptics, Aristotle Ethics, Epistles on virtue and Vice, Augustine)

All papers need explicit use of philosophical vocabulary and classification of arguments or approaches.