Phases of the Strategic Management Process

As you may recall, UPS faced allot of scrutiny during the 2013 holiday season for packages that were delivered late.  You will find below three sources of information on this issue.  The first is a 2013 news clip that provides an overview of the 2013 issue.  The second is an interview with the CFO of UPS who discusses plans that were made to avoid the 2013 issues in 2014.  The last link is a recent article that discusses the results of the actions that UPS took in 2014.

I find this to be an excellent real world illustration of high stakes strategy decisions that major corporations make to maintain a competitive advantage. After reviewing this information provide yours takeaways from the review of this case and what it tells you about strategy. Discuss examples of each of the three phases of the Strategic Management Process.

Strategy Formulation

Strategy Execution

Strategy Evaluation


2013 UPS Video

2014 UPS Video

UPS Prepared To Well For the Holiday Rush