PEST Analysis and Value Chain Analysis for Burberry

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This is just a part of a big report for Marketing Management course. this part is called The report of the analysis stage. You will need to write PEST Analysis and Value Chain Analysis for Burberry brand. Please write a little brief about the tool, then use relevant graphs/charts and explanation. 500 words for each is enough, so you should have 1000 in total. Please don’t use complex English as it is not my first language.


The report of the analysis stage, in whatever form you deem appropriate.

Remember that the purpose of the assignment is to develop your familiarity with the various marketing tools, techniques and concepts. You should use the report as an opportunity to demonstrate this familiarity, so include discussion of, for example, product portfolio analysis, growth vector matrices, product life cycles, experience curves, etc. – where relevant. The person marking your report will be looking for this evidence to award you marks.


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