Personal statement for certificate in global health

  1. Include your name at the top of each page
  2. Address your interest in the public health field in which you are interested as well as the type of degree program to which you are applying. Explain why you think the certificate in global health will advance your professional goals.
  3. Discuss your professional background, including your current position and/or research area, in as much detail as necessary to convey how your work relates to your academic goals in our school. Address, if appropriate, the evolution of your professional interest in public health.
  4. Explain how study in the program you have selected will prepare you to make positive, constructive contributions to your chosen area of work.
  5. If you are currently pursuing, or have pursued, research, describe the scholarly work in which you are engaged or have been engaged. Be sure to describe your research in detail, including the research question, results, and the specific role you are playing or played in conducting the research. Your personal statement should not simply list what is already provided on your resume.