Personal Development Planning

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Write a report addressed to your PAT Tutor explaining how you have managed your Personal Development Planning this year and showing how you have developed three skills that will help you enhance your workplace capabilities. You should ensure you spend at least 500 of the maximum 1,500 words reflecting on both what you have learnt from achieving/not achieving your goals and your actions/behaviour during the academic year.
(Maximum 1,500 words excluding cover page, table of contents, references, bibliography and appendices).
Report format
Your report should be word processed, have a cover sheet, a contents page, page numbers and be clearly structured using headings. The standard of English should be appropriate to a business setting, with correct spelling and grammar and formal in style.
For this report, you should use personal language i.e. use ?�I’, ?�We’ or ?�You’ as you will be reflecting on your personal experiences and actions.
Introduction Write a brief paragraph explaining the purpose of the report.
The main body of the report should consist of three sections: one for each of your goals. Each section should cover the five points below:
1. Diagnostics: Explain clearly the processes by which you identified your development need, drawing on relevant theories (where appropriate). Why was this need a priority for you at the time?
2. Goal setting: Clearly state your Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART) development goal. Ensure your goal is clear, focused, achievable and linked to your diagnostics.
3. Action plan: Describe your action plan and show how you are going to achieve your goal. The activities in your plan should clearly relate to your goal and time frame.
4. Implementation: State whether you followed (or did not follow) your action plan.
5. Reflection: Assess your overall progress in achieving your goal. Reflect on whether you chose the right development area. Was your goal and action plan appropriate? Have you improved your performance in this area? Do you need to do further work on this area over the summer or move onto a new development need? Consider what you have learnt from this process.
Conclusion: Write a final overall summary paragraph to explain how developing these three skills has improved your employ-ability.
Appendices: The list below is not exhaustive and you can include any appropriate documentation
– Assignment feedback
– Diary
– Detailed action plan
– Tutorial activity e.g. Belbin Test
Note SMART goals are: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timebound
MY three goals are:
1- Improve communication skills so I attended a one day course in nottingham, uk for a communication skills improvement program and got handed a certificate at the end of it.
2- Revision skills – Had an economics exam after Christmas break immediately but I went back home during my break so I had a plan to manage my time revising and enjoying my time with my family and friends, so I made a day by day study schedule and I have a copy of the schedule which I will add on later with my certificate from goal one.
3- Attendance Improvement – I found how my poor attendance last year in the foundation year affected my grades in a bad way so I became more aware of this issue and I insisted on attending each lecture as it will help me in the long run.
P.s. I don’t mind if you would make up any stories that will show and reflect to my teacher that I have improved my three development planning goals.
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