Parisian Salons and the Women that shaped culture and politics of the 18th Century

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Please focus on the importance of the women who ran the Salons during this time period and how they contributed to the exploding climate of political awareness and cultural growth. Women to look into are Madame Roland and Germaine de Stael. if one of these women are in the 19th Century, then the paper can span the beginning of the 19th Century. Please discuss how these and other salon women encouraged the talk and atmosphere that allowed for the explosion of information to all kinds of different people. I will need to cite in the body of the paper and also include some quotations from sources within the paper itself. The quotes should not be more than 4 in the paper and not terribly long in length. . The emphasis is on , Politics and the Culture of the times in French history as establishment and running of the salons shaped it.