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3-4 pages, 12-point Times font, double-spaced (do not put extra spaces between paragraphs). Do not use a cover page. Simply put your Name and Section C on the first page in the upper left corner.



Choose something about yourself that you want to explore or understand better within the context of psychology. It can be anything really as long as you relate it to psychology. The paper should be part reflection, part research. Do not give me a research paper; this assignment is primarily a REFLECTION PAPER with the research component supporting your reflections.





A little background on my story…


I grew up primarily raised by my mother. My parents aren’t divorced but are separated, and have been since I was 6 years old. My dad left at a very critical time and we didn’t hear from him for a whole year, my 2 elder brothers were in their early teens, “pre-teens” if you may. So you can imagine their rebellion. I was at a age where I couldn’t process what was going on because I couldn’t fully understand it and my youngest sister was only 4 at the time so she was completely oblivious.


So my mother had to suddenly switch roles overnight. From having someone to constantly rely on, financially, emotionally etc. to having to play both roles in our lives, and I think she’s done great, I cannot imagine doing it differently or any better.


How she kept up with 4 young kids, I’ll never know. I’m so glad she had such a great support system around her. It also allowed us to bond with my uncles and aunts in a way, we might not have, had we had a constant father figure in our lives.