paper on music therapy

five pages on music therapy and its importance in aiding people with alzheimers and other disabilites.

I need a bibliography page, 12 point, times new roman font one ince

h margins on each sides. Cite 3-4 scholary articles using MLA style formatting as your resource for the background paper.

in this paper you should indentifles and write about each of the folliowing points:

Clealy identiflies main issues, problem, or intentions clear thesis statement

investigates points of view and assumptions

support purpose thesis with relevant, suffcient evidence and defines concepts

analyez the consequences and implications of reasoning

mention core vaules of excellence, respect, community

states the various options of decision making chooses a solution conclusion is clear

describe the music using musical terms

the work cited page is formatted according mla guidelines

last but not least write a college level paper includung good grammar and sentence structure