PA 513 – Short Paper Assignment for Week 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The assignment is based on the “Organizing Competition in Indianapolis” (Kennedy School Case), which will be uploaded. And the related readings will be uploaded, too.

For this assignment, assume that you have been hired by Mayor Stephen Goldsmith of Indianapolis to serve as a policy consultant for his new administration. The mayor wants you to prepare a report that provides recommendations on important governance decisions. Given your expertise in contract management and privatization, he has solicited your advice on the following issues/questions:
1. What are the benefits and challenges of public-private competition?
2. Which service (see below) should he use as a test case for his privatization plan? Why?
• Trash Pick-up
• Wastewater Treatment
• Street Repairs

The mayor and his staff assume that you will base your argument on economic theory as well as knowledge of social and political considerations associated with privatization of public services. Such considerations may render simple economic reasoning problematic or even unrealistic.