Our Guarantees

  • THG (The Happiness Guarantee)

It is probably a cliché to offer a good grade guarantee; hence we offer the guarantee of great work! Our writers treat each task with due care by giving their best effort with application of experience and expertise to produce a fine piece of writing. It rarely happens that a client is not satisfied with the work. Our testimonials will tell you that our customers are always happy to receive their paper because we proactively provide them with: No Plagiarism Report, Bibliography, Fine points on how the assignment solution is produced, genuine referencing list, most relevant in-text citations and Paper outline among other deliverables. We call this guarantee as THG (The Happiness Guarantee).

  • On-time Delivery

Apparently, delivering an assignment late will make no sense at all, because an assignment delivered late is equal to an assignment undelivered. We understand that the customer only appreciates prompt delivery of work. Late delivery will never have any value and hence, we have employed writers who work in all time-zones, round the clock. On-time delivery of the academic paper is the customer’s basic expectation in the academic writing industry, and so far in our career of 5 years, a delay has never happened. This is because, we always have a necessary backup to cover us during unavoidable circumstances such as the writer falling sick or the writer having a personal problem. All these eventualities are already covered, so please expect a prompt delivery of your paper.

  • High Quality Content

The quality of content in an academic paper or essay is proven by the inclusion of several elements such as: Original Writing Style, No Plagiarism, a high sense of grammatical essentials, and a close follow-up of the assignment instructions among other elements. At the end of the day, it is not a choice between creativity and rules; it is a choice between writing an academic paper in an original style which suits the university and spoiling the paper with unprofessional and bad writing. We always avoid the later – unprofessional and bad writing! Scholarly writers have a high sense of ethics and so they always apply due diligence to every piece of writing that they do.

  • Mutual trust

There is no business without mutual trust and this principle applies to every industry. We acknowledge that this guideline has deeper relevance and significance in the academic writing industry. We approach our student customers with highest level of professionalism and we value them by applying utmost integrity, and perfection to our work. Our friendly support team ensures that the student is comfortable with the services of Scholarly writers. Any discrepancies are addressed effective immediately; we don’t believe that there is a tomorrow, if the customer is facing the difficulty today and hence we solve all customer queries promptly.